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Best Way to Feed your Dog.

We believe that the best way to feed your dog is from an elevated dog feeder. Elevated dog feeders promote better digestion and posture while eating. They also can slow down gulping dogs from eating too fast, which can lead to concerning medical conditions.

Our wine crate elevated dog feeders and cat feeders (the small ones are perfect for cats), are not only healthy for dogs and cats, they are unique & stylish.

Wine Crate Elevated Dog Feeders.

elevated dog feeders stations

For dogs and cats too.

Choose a height from 4 inches to 27 inches to accommodate your pet’s specific needs and height.

Other Options

  • 6 colors (natural, white, green, blue, red, burgundy)
  • Single, double or triple bowl (triple – 4″ to 6″h – for small dog breeds and cats only)
  • Slow-feed dog bowls available for gulping dogs

Note: For indoor use only.

How it Works.

All wooden wine crates come from prestigious French, Californian, Italian, Chilean and Australian vineyards and have beautiful wine logos. Since our wine crate inventory changes frequently, the wine logos used in the making of our products are sometimes, but not often alike.

We will choose pretty wine logos for your elevated dog feeder or cat feeder. You will receive a unique pet product that you will not find anywhere else and will happily display for years to come…

Dog Feeder Health Benefits.

Are Elevated Dog Feeders Good or Bad for Dogs?
As a caring and responsible dog owner, you might ask yourself: Are elevated dog feeders healthy for dogs? Are they healthier than floor level dog bowls? We think so and know so.

Would you eat from a dish off the floor? Why should your dog? Think of an elevated dog feeder as a table for dogs.

  • Less Gulping + Easier Swallowing
  • Less Stress on Joints + Better Body Posture
measure dog for elevated dog feeder

Most Popular.

large dog bowls

8″ to 13″ high

extra large dog bowls

14″ to 27″ high

Get Help with Dog Feeder Heights.

Not sure what is the best feeder height for your dog? We are here to help!

All products are made-to-order. Please allow 4 weeks for shipping after the date of your order.