In the current state of the world, it’s no secret that we’ve been spending a lot more time at home. While staying home and quarantining, there’s been a solid influx of new pet adoptions from families and individuals looking for a companion to keep them company.

Whether you’re one of these proud new pet owners or are someone contemplating adopting a new pet during these rather uncertain times – we want to discuss the pros and cons of adopting a new pet during quarantine.

These points are not made to deter you from bringing a furry friend into your family, but instead are simply to highlight some of the aspects that accompany pet adoption in 2020.

Here are the pros and cons of adopting a pet during quarantine.

Pros of Being a New Pet Parent

Pets Offer Comfort & Emotional Support

The first and maybe the most obvious pro of adopting a pet during quarantine is the comfort and emotional support a pet will offer you.

Your pet is a valued and loved member of your family and having them in your life will definitely help make any situation feel less lonely. If you live alone and have been staying home by yourself, a pet can be incredibly beneficial to your mental health.

As humans, we aren’t meant to be alone for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, even if you are unable to socially interact with others like normal, a pet can fill the gap and give you the company and support you desperately crave.

When it comes to your mental health and happiness, a pet can truly boost your mood and add positivity to your life. Whether they’re snuggling with you on the couch or giving your wet kisses, there’s no denying that the endless amount of love they have for you as their owner will bring your warmth, comfort and stability.

Having a Pet Will Keep Your Busy

Another pro of adopting a pet is that they are guaranteed to keep you busy. No matter if you bought/adopted a puppy or kitten or fostered an older pet – getting them acclimated and settled into your life is going to take some time.

You’ll spend hours setting up their space, showing them the boundaries and teaching them the ways of the household. And, you’re most likely going to have to give them extra attention to make them feel more secure and comfortable in their new environment.

Each pet is different, so while one may quickly adapt to their new surroundings, another may need a bit more paw holding to feel at home. Either way, introducing your pet to their new place of residence is going to keep you active and entertained.

You’ll Have Someone To Take Care Of

Once your pet is home and happy, the attention and care doesn’t stop. Having a pet is definitely a full time job, so are you up to the challenge?

The benefit of this is that you’ll have someone to take care of. In many ways, a pet is like a baby. Even as they age and grow up, they cannot do many things on their own. You’ll need to be the one to feed them, take them outside and make sure that they are staying active and healthy.

In fact, in order to make sure that you’re taking the best care of your pet – you should consider signing them up for a pet insurance policy as soon as you bring them home. With pet insurance, you can protect your pet against any accidents or medical emergencies that may arise. And, you’ll be able to save thousands on expensive veterinarian bills.

To find the best pet insurance provider for your pet, you should check out Fursure – the pet insurance gurus. Made by pet parents for pet parents, Fursure can help you find the best policy for your pet’s needs and your budget. To keep your pet safe and healthy for years to come, purchasing a quality pet insurance policy will give you peace of mind knowing your furry friend is taken care of.

Cons of Being a New Pet Parent

Pets Can Be Difficult To Train

Now that we’ve discussed the pros of being a new pet owner, let’s talk about some of the cons of adopting a pet during quarantine. First, pets can be difficult to train.elevated dog feeders reviews

It’s definitely not impossible to train a new pet, but especially for dog owners – it’s widely known that they could use some more guidance for better behavior and obedience. Some dog owners are able to train their pets on their own without any issue. But, for others – you may need to consider the help of a professional.

The main reason why training a new pet during quarantine could become an issue is because many training schools and programs have been closed due to the pandemic. While some have opened, they may not be offering the same classes or are only holding online sessions for the moment.

While online training will work, there will be a gap in your pet’s training that only comes from in-person instructors.

So, if you’re up for the challenge of training your new pet on your own – then adopting during quarantine may work for you. Yet, if you’re worried about needing a professional’s help with your pet, take note that not all trainers in your area may be open, available or taking on new sessions.

Your Pet May Get Used To Having You Home

Another downside to adopting a pet during quarantine is that it may establish a false sense of security for your pet. During quarantine, you’re most likely staying home for most of the day – unless you’re an essential worker or have been asked to return to your place of employment.

If you currently have the option of working from home, then you’re going to be 100% available to your new pet. When pets are young, they form specific behaviors and habits that will stay with them as they grow. And, in this case – their owner being home 24/7 during their development will allow them to believe that you will never leave them by themselves.

Yet, once workplaces start to open up again – you’re going to need to make the difficult decision of leaving your new pet at home or with a sitter during the day. This drastic change will most likely cause your pet to be confused and potentially act out in their behaviors.

Of course there are ways to overcome this. You could practice leaving your pet by themselves for a small window of time to see how they adjust. For example, when you go to the grocery store or take care of an errand you need to run – you will need to leave your pet at home to see how they react and behave.

While it’s never easy to leave your pet alone for the first time, it’s necessary to help them get adjusted to the idea that you will not always be working from home.

Time Spent With Your Pet Will Change Once You Go Back To Your Normal Schedule

To add to the idea that you will not always be working from home, you’ll also need to consider the amount of time you’ll be spending with your pet once your schedule goes back to normal.

Now, you have the time to feed them three square meals a day, take them outside whenever they need and go on the daily walk around the neighborhood. Yet, when life resumes to its normal pace – the luxury of being completely available for your pet will slowly disappear.

Instead, you’re most likely going to have to hire a pet walker, sitter or enlist the aid of friends and family to make sure that your best friend is being taken care of throughout the day.

This type of drastic change will most likely cause separation anxiety for your pet as they go from having your full attention to only seeing you during certain hours of the day. While this is completely normal, the majority of pet owners do not stay at home every single day with their dog or cat – it’s going to take some extra effort to make your pet feel comfortable with the changing situation.

While we mentioned practicing leaving them at home for some time, you should also think about introducing them to new people who will take care of him/her.

This could include finding a pet sitter now that can get to know your pet in their environment or a close friend or family member that will help you out from time to time. By introducing your pet to new people, it will limit the surprise aspect and allow them to slowly feel more adjusted to the idea that you will not always be around.

As you can see,  there are both pros and cons to adopting a new pet during quarantine. While you’ll have a companion to care for and keep you entertained – you’ll also need to be more aware of the dependency you’re creating for your new pet.

No one wants their pet to feel anxious or sad once they go back to work, so practice establishing new behaviors and habits to acclimate your pet to the various situations that may occur.

In short, as long as you’re willing to take excellent care of your new pet and make them feel right at home, then adopting a new dog or cat during quarantine may just be the right decision for you.