From Our Customers.

I ordered the XLarge double dog feeder in “natural” with matching leash holder for my 1-year-old Newfoundland. He loves it! Weighing in at 130Ibs, he no longer has to bend down to eat/drink. The feeder is beautifully constructed and looks fabulous in our home. I really love the addition of his hand-painted name. I would highly recommend this elegant and unique product to all dog lovers! Thank you, Whiner and Diner.

Jenna F, Hartford, MA

We have received the dog feeder and love it! Our dog Cody, recently had his left front leg amputated due to cancer. The ease with which he eats from the elevated dish allows him to satisfy his appetite every day. This has helped to accelerate his recovery greatly! We look forward to getting more dishes for our other dog and our cat. Thank you!!

Lisa - Denver, CO, Your Content Goes Here

I was traveling, and just returned to the office to find your company’s magnificent handiwork! I absolutely love the elevated dog feeder! And you’re right, I’m going to need to do one in an Italian wine version.

In the meantime, all of my co-workers, to a person, commented on what a fantastic product (handsome, great quality and workmanship) this dog feeder is.

James M, Sandy Springs, GA

Liefie absolutely loves her new feeder and so do we! I’m from NY and was thrilled to see the wine distributors’ crate from my home state. The blue wash is fantastic and the feeding bowls are adorable with their paw prints. This is a wonderful addition to our home and to Liefie’s new world in Stowe, VT. Many thanks!!

Shari V, Stowe, VT

The dog feeder is awesome! Bailey is already chowing away. The height is perfect for him. It does exactly what I wanted it to do for that kitchen entrance area. It is beautiful and functional.

Chris - Clinton, NC, Your Content Goes Here

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! It is truly unique and a work of art! If I didn’t love my dog so much, I would think about saving Rufus’ new feeder for display only…It is so beautiful…Thank you again!

Michelle F, Montclair, NJ

It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with you guys! I cannot praise Catherine enough for keeping me informed and up-to-date with my order. It has felt like I only lived around the corner, instead of the opposite end of the world and I will certainly be ordering a matching Toy Box for Merlot’s Christmas present within the next couple of months, so stayed tuned…Again, A BIG thank you to both of you. I look forward to friends noticing Merlot’s unique feeder, just so I can brag and recommend your professional and friendly services!

Debbie M, Victoria, Australia
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Both the feeder and toy box were delivered today and they look great and truly original! Thanks again for everything, as it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Louis S, Cayman Islands

Shelby loves her new feeder! Great work! I am sure that our friends will be asking where we got it! Thanks again!

Ryan and Shelby , Austin, TX

Clever and beautiful! Love the wine logo. The feeder’s height is perfect for our Black Lab Cori, she loves it!

Lynne L, Stamford, CT

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Divine Doggie Dining.

I am always impressed by companies and designers who can look at what would normally be a waste product and imagine it as something much grander and more functional. I’m always telling my husband not to throw things away considering I want to manufacture something from it. No inspiration has struck me yet (but for one kooky view involving plastic hangers), so I love to see when others strike gold with such inspiration.

They are handmade from wooden wine boxes marked with the names and logos of the vineyards they come from. They are available and several sizes and customizable, and can accommodate your four-legged friends no matter how big or small they are. And of course there’s no sacrificing your decor, that is one doggie bowl you won’t want to hide. That would produce a perfect gift for that friend of yours who is both a wine lover and a pet lover.


Consider them Pet Tables.

Our furry friends everywhere are barking and purring their praises for these posh pet feeders, because they don’t just add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your home, they are actually beneficial to the health of your pet. Here’s the scoop from veterinarians: Feeding bowls that are flush to the floor can cause strain on the neck, joints and digestion of your dog or cat. With an elevated food platform, eating is much more comfortable.

Consider it a pet table, because after all, you wouldn’t like eating off the floor either, would you? Priced from $150, depending on size and customization, no two feeders are alike. They are handcrafted, hand painted, and quite sturdy thanks to the non-skid feet and weight of the wood, which of course means it stays put while even the most eager of feasters chows down.

Here at FIDO Friendly magazine, we like to review an array of products, from grand scale to budget and everything in between. We were oh so pleasantly surprised when we found out this product is affordable, gorgeous, able to blend perfectly into our home’s décor, AND looks oh-so precious when Fido eats or drinks from it.

I allowed my tester, Dexter, to try it out for a month. This became his new water bowl. If you are anything like me, you love it when companies put out little touches on products (us Fido lovers go bonkers for things like that). The embossed paw prints in and around the stainless steel bowl for inside the carved wine crate made us wag. I personally love this product, attention to the details, and how good it looks in my home.

Karen Bryant,

Where form and function meet Fido: Kibble and Chardonnay.

“I was delighted to learn about the Stamford, Connecticut, company Whiner & Diner. They create awesome elevated dog feeders, beds, and toy boxes out of reclaimed wine crates from European and Californian vineyards. (I’d say they “upcycle,” but I really hate that word, so I won’t). For some reason I feel like these would smell really good, kind of woodsy and wine-y mixed together.”


Until now, Wine and Pets didn’t necessarily mix.

Sure, people enjoyed them both, but rarely did the two ever meet. Connecticut couple, Catherine and Stephen Simms, changed that when they created Whiner & Diner—a pet accessory company that makes custom dog & cat feeders and other pieces from re-purposed and recycled wine crates. How chic!


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