Many dog breeds have the tendency to eat too fast. Vacuuming their food is a bad and unhealthy habit. This can lead to digestion problems and even to life-threatening conditions, such as canine bloat. Using a slow feed elevated dog feeder is one way to remedy the problem…

Slow feed dog feeders and dog bowls will considerably slow down the fastest eating dogs.

How to slow down your dog’s eating.

1 – Place the dog food in muffin tins: Your dog will have to move around from one dip to another. Therefore, your pup will eat more slowly.

2 – Place the food in small individual dishes, spread them around the room: Your dog will have to sniff around before finding them.

3 – Feed your dog several small meals a day rather than one or two big ones. Since your dog will not be as hungry if fed several times a day, he will probably eat at a slower speed.

4 – Place a large object in the food bowl: A dog toy or a tennis ball work perfectly. Your dog will have to work its way around it to get to the food, slowing him down.slow feed elevated dog feeders

5 – Invest in a slow feed dog bowl or slow feed dog feeder: These are designed for preventing dogs from gulping their food. The hump in the middle of the dog bowl act in the same manner as a tennis ball. It gets in your dog’s way to the food, therefore forcing it to eat much slower.

What are the dangers of your dog eating too fast.

Eating too fast may lead to some rare but serious health issues in some dogs, including dog bloat. If a dog eats too fast it will swallow air with the food.  Its stomach can then twist within its abdomen, preventing the gasses from leaving the stomach. Blood flow to its organs can be cut off, including its heart.

Dogs can die within hours, so it is a serious condition that requires emergency medical attention. So, eating fast is more than a bad habit—it’s potentially dangerous and you should familiar yourself with the symptoms of canine bloat.

Testimonial. Feed your dog from a slow feed elevated dog feeder.

“I was very concerned about my Labrador’s eating habits. He used to eat so fast that his meal would be gone in two minutes: He would choke on his food and end up regurgitating it.

I bought an elevated dog feeder with a slow feed dog bowl from Whiner and Diner, which resolved the problem right away…And I love the wine crate elevated dog feeder…Such a unique concept!” says Alice Nelson, Dallas – TX.

“The slow feed bowl has a raised dome in the center, which keeps the food on the sides of the bowl and prevents the dog from taking big gulps. This type of bowls will definitely pace any fast eater.

Since our dog feeders are elevated, they also contribute to a healthier dining experience for any size dogs with problems such as arthritis or any other painful physical conditions” says Catherine Simms, owner of Whiner and Diner.